"Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Success & Happiness" 

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By Tashaya J. Singleton

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Do you want to become happier and more successful? If so, changing your thoughts is the answer.


Positive thinking is one of the proven keys to success. While it is not the only thing you need, it definitely helps. Minimizing and eliminating negativity from from your thoughts allow you to handle the challenges that life throws at you. You will feel happier and improve your quality of life.


Creating a positive environment, and developing a daily routine, that's right for you, are going to play a big part in your success. It does take work, but the rewards will be more than worth it!

If you're tired of living with stress, and want to get back your happy, successful self, then this FREE 4-week email course is for you.

Kick Negativity To The Curb!

Become More Positive, Happier & Successful

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Learn how Your Happiness impacts      Your Success

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Tips to show you how to change your thoughts and change your life

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Create a positive daily routine that nurtures   and supports your goals

Change Your Thoughts, Change You Success & Happiness

FREE 4-Week eCourse

About Tashaya

Tashaya hosts the podcast “The Secrets of Earning Money Show” which was inspired by her book “The Secrets of Earning Money Without A Job: How You Can Get $300 - $1,500 Within 30-Days!”.  She teaches entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs how to use what they know to start a business.

She is an entrepreneur with over two decades  of experience in business, training,  and financial services.  Tashaya is dedicated to helping people take control of their personal financial economy and life.